Rahanni celestial healing

What is Rahanni?

Rahanni healing is a complementary therapy. In holistic practices, we recognise the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of human beings. This particular therapy works with the chakra system to bring balance to the energy field surrounding the physical body. Rahanni practice calls on ascended masters and angelic beings including Kwan Kin, goddess of compassion and mercy. The energy is channeled by the practitioner, who places their hands over each chakra or energy center. The energy flows forward to bring high vibration healing and balance to the recipient’s aura. 

What happens during a session?

A short consultation takes place before the treatment begins. You can have the treatment either seated or lying down. While soft music plays, you close your eyes and relax while the practitioner holds their hands over your energy centers. Depending on your preference, this can be done by placing their hands directly on your body, or by holding their hands above each chakra, without making physical contact. The session takes between 40 and 60 mins. After the treatment is complete, you take your time to get up and have a drink of water. 

Who is it suitable for and what are the benefits?

The true meaning of ‘rahanni’ is ‘Of one heart’. As we are all part of the collective, rahanni is intended for all. The balancing energy helps adults, teens, children and infants (under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult). It is safe during pregnancy and benefits both mother and baby. Suitable for people with disabilities, following consultation (may need accompaniment of a carer). Clients can expect a relaxing treatment, increased feelings of peace, well-being and calm. 

My background and experience

I became a certified practitioner in 2019, when I attended training at Forest song spiritual and well-being centre in Hemel Hempstead. Since then, I keep regular practice, am fully insured and take this work seriously. I conduct full sessions in person with clients visiting me or visa versa. I often include a mini treatment for my hairdressing clients if they appear to need balance or revival.


Rahanni can be given over distance or in person.


Distance energy channelling

I am very skilled at distance healing. The full effects of rahanni can be felt regardless of proximity. This means, I can conduct a rahanni session while I am at my house and you are at yours. At the arranged time, you simply settle in a quite, comfortable space where you wont be disturbed for 45mins-1hour.

Client Testimonial:

“Carrie conducted a long distance Rahanni treatment on me, which I wasn’t even aware she could do. I assumed we’d have to be in the same room but clearly that isn’t the case.The session lasted an hour and I can genuinely say I felt a lot calmer, and centered after it. I did also feel a little light headed and slightly dizzy too. Don’t let that put you off tho…this is quite a common side effect when receiving higher vibrational energy. It doesn’t last long at all, perhaps 5 to 10 minutes…plus not everyone will experience it as I did.
What struck me most about the treatment was Carries ability to remotely pick up on some feelings I had been carrying, as well as energetic areas in my system that potentially needed some attention. She also picked up on a number of other things which I would like to remain private.
This was my first experience receiving a Rahanni treatment and it was my first time working with Carrie. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. What I really didn’t expect tho was for the experience to be so authentic, profound and valuable. I would really recommend giving it a go.”


Distance rahanni donations

As the world is in need of healing at the moment, I have been called to offer distance rahanni on a donation basis. Donations start at £5 and you can donate any amount in multiples of £5.