Readings for you

Tarot, angel cards and oracle decks are all types of divination cards. They are used to reflect ideas and clarity back to you. There are many ways to read cards and hundreds of different decks. Anyone can read divination cards for themselves and each deck comes with instructions on how to use the particular pack. They key is belief. Unless you feel a belief in yourself and trust your intuitive feelings, you will doubt the messages you receive and feel unsure. This takes practice and for some people, it’s easier to have an experienced person read for you. 

Over a number of years I have been reading for friends and hairdressing clients. In fact, I feel some clients have been sent to me by spirit. People often contact me thinking they need a new hairdresser yet, as time unfolds it turns out they need guidance. When I offer a card reading, they always oblige and go home with both new hair and a new found clarity from above.

What happens in a card reading?

When I do a reading, I tune into my guides and ask for help to bring through messages. Depending on the information I receive, I use the appropriate deck for you. If we are reading face to face, I offer you the pack to shuffle and instruct you to select the cards and were to lay then down. The spread I use varies but most often, if you have a specific question it’s a three card spread to represent past present and future. I explain the cards to you, offer intuitive information and pass you the information that my guides are giving me. 

How does a distance reading differ? 

I can read cards for you and send your messages by email. This is typically projection spread that gives an in depth prediction for the coming year. It deals with more general issues in your life, based on the energies that you have going on in the present, should they continue in the same direction. I meditate on your energy while dealing a spread for you, take a photo and write a detailed report. 

Cards that I use in individual readings

Archangel Michael Deck

Hawaiian Mana Cards

Black Moon Astrology Cards

Lightworker Oracle  

These are the main decks that I work with. I typically stick with a particular one for each reading but, when guided to I may bring in a card from a different deck to give additional clarity/confirmation of the main message. I have other decks for specialist subjects may bring these in if needed. My aim is to bring forward the clearest message for the greatest good. You may feel drawn to have a reading from a particular deck, or you may trust spirit to pick the appropriate deck for you at the time. 

Card reading

Email -Full spread read on your behalf and detailed write up emailed to you.


My background

I had my first card reading at the age of 23. I went to a lady who I heard through a friend read cards from home. I paid £10 and she spent 20 mins blowing my mind with the information that she gathered about me through the cards and her spirit guides. She was also the first person to explain to me that I had Archangel Michael looking after me in life. At the time, I had no idea who he was but it was comforting to hear that “the big boss of all the angels is looking after you and guiding you in life”. Some time after that reading, a friends mum lent me a pack of angel cards, which I played around with on my own. When I went to return them, she asked if they felt nice to me. They really did and she told me to keep them, adding that ‘They were meant for me’ and ‘were my cards’. Over the years, I collected various decks and read my own cards almost every day. I attended some card reading workshops and realised I was more advanced than I knew. When I would read for other people in class, messages would just flow through me and the other person would be amazed at the clarity. I attribute this in part to the trust I have in my guides. 

Collective readings online

I sometimes feel a call to put video readings online to reflect universal energy in the moment. As well as each of us having individual energy, we are all part of the oneness. Collective readings reflect issues and energies that may be affecting you as part of the universe at large.