Hawaiian wisdom

Hawaiian moon cycle -start and end.

Hilo means “The first moon” Muku means “cut-off” or “end”. The moon is constantly in motion, moving in a circle around the earth. It takes 29/30 days to make a complete orbit. This orbit is known as the moon cycle. From earth, we experience the moon cycle as degrees of illumination provided by the light… Continue reading Hawaiian moon cycle -start and end.

Beauty confidence

‘You got the cure for your disease, growing in your back yard’

Everything starts with intention. I have started this note with the intention of effecting change. As I sit here writing at my kitchen table, my intention is just an intention. By the time I have finished writing and shared this message online, this intention will have grown into an action. As you read, you will… Continue reading ‘You got the cure for your disease, growing in your back yard’

Hawaiian wisdom

Mahina ka pō (Moon Cycle) wisdom

Ancient Hawaiians were master voyagers, using the moon phases to understand the tide. They also used the changing moon to track farming and fishing, producing abundant crops. Along side the practical benefit of observing the moon cycle, they recognised a spiritual synergy. Each night is an new opportunity to look up and take guidance. With… Continue reading Mahina ka pō (Moon Cycle) wisdom