subconscious birthing

I am sat at my computer, ready to write. I have no plan, no idea and nothing in my mind to express. I am typing with my fingers although, the consciousness flows from my mind. So these ideas must come from somewhere? You could say, the words are breathing from my subconscious, through into the conscious. I wonder, why I felt drawn to write this post today.

In this world, everything seems to need a plan. Everything that is to do with work at any rate. Everything needs to be carefully put out of the subconscious into the conscious, in order to present it ‘right’. This simply serves the ego. As I’m working my way through this post, I can feel the conscious thought taking more control than the subconscious, I am beginning to wonder how well this post will be received, if anyone will read it, who is watching….that’s my ego.

The world is set up on the image of success being material gain, accumulation of wealth and ability to provide for ourselves and our families. It’s such a deep program that I can forget that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience, at times. I still focus on my goals and buy into the idea that its something I’m doing wrong if I fail. Somehow, I’m not worthy if I can’t get people to approve of me. We are taught these beliefs from school age and I used to allow that way of thinking to determine my reality. No more. I 100% understand that my value is not determined by the achievements I make. I am already divine. The work I do is valuable, money flows to me in abundance, every day I help people outside of myself while I help myself. I am loved, I am wise, I am a teacher. In my achievements, I recognise that the universe acts through me and I don’t celebrate accomplishment as a personal edge for this holds me in separation from the rest of the universe. I prefer the energy that set’s ego to the side. I do not need validation from personal achievement because it feeds the idea that I have to prove myself. I am simply of greatness.

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