My Ancestors

Women ancestors

In Halloween circle, we meditated with the drum. I went into trance and my nanny Louisa came and showed me all the ladies on Grandad Franks side. She showed me, Galdis, Daisy, Lillian and pointed out Margie (she is living). She also pointed out Aunt Rose, her own sister. I felt she pointed out Rose to say, pay attention to the 3 sisters. They are my grandads sisters but the only ones who have past. They all have names connected with flowers. 

I use plants and flowers to connect with my Nan. She always had geraniums on her window sill and when both her and Grandad had died, my mum took a cutting from her geranium outside to bring home. My mum has kept that plant alive ever since (over 25 years) and now, I have a cutting in my own garden that I grow each summer and bring inside to place on the window sill in the winter. Yesterday, before the evening time group, I had been tending to the geraniums outside, preparing them for their transition inside for the winter. I also burned a candle for my Nanny and had a cup of tea with her. I asked her for advice. If there are things I don’t know how to do while gardening, she helps me. 

SO, as per instruction, I have to look up the spiritual meanings of the flowers,




What Does the Gladiolus Flower Mean?

The gladiolus flower symbolizes honor and remembrance, but it has other meanings too. It can also symbolize the following:

  • Strength of character
  • Faithfulness, sincerity and integrity
  • Infatuation
  • Never giving up

What Does the Lily Flower Mean?

The Lily flower, in all its various forms, is commonly considered to mean:

  • royalty and regal bearing
  • motherhood and fertility
  • purity and the beauty of youth
  • passion and drive
  • renewal and rebirth

What Does the Daisy Flower Mean?

At first, it can seem that there can be as many meanings for daisies as there are species of daisies. However, the most generally accepted meanings are:

  • Innocence, especially with white daisies with yellow or pale centers.
  • Purity – also shown by daisies that are as white as possible.
  • New beginnings, which is why they are often found in bouquets for new mothers or as gifts for children.
  • True love – because each daisy flower is really two flowers blended together in harmony.
  • That the sender can keep a secret. Keeping a secret is one way a person can exhibit that they truly love another.

I’m not sure at this stage, why my Nanny draws my attention to the meanings of these 3 sisters flower associations. I’m sure I will find out in time. 

Another interesting point is that a lady in the group said she had a message for someone and that there was a lady called Lillian. Another person took the message as she had been thinking about her friend, Lillian. The first lady said, she just said, “I had a happy childhood”. That was the whole message. The 2nd lady said she didn’t know anything about that but thank you for the message. I didn’t like to speak up at the time but now I feel it was my lillian;

The Lily flower, in all its various forms, is commonly considered to mean:

  • royalty and regal bearing -she was a diva!
  • motherhood and fertility I believe she had a son
  • purity and the beauty of youth -”happy childhood”?
  • passion and drive her energy was fiery
  • renewal and rebirth she was resilient to trauma 

I didn’t know her well, I was a child when she died but these are the vibes I remember from her. I feel she made some mistakes in her life and lived as she pleased. Perhaps a little reckless. Perhaps that’s why she said she had a happy childhood. 

Later when we meditated some more, I just sat with my ancestors. It felt comforting and peaceful. I was snuggled under a blanket in the round house with the fire burning as we listened to flute music. My hands rested together and I began to feel my right thumb lightly stroking the back of my other hand. It was symbolic of being given comfort. I got a strong sense of Gladis and I saw her in my minds eye. I feel she may have done that action to her daughter or her daughter may have done it to her near the end of her life, to comfort her. 

Aside from that, the whole female theme was strong. 3 sisters -triple goddess, My nanny, me, Gladis and her daughter. My mum kept the geraniums going -3 generations of geranium, Nan, Mum, me. 

The Geranium Flower’s Message

The geranium flower’s message depends on the situation. As a housewarming gift it may represent friendship or wishes for good health. While its meaning is sometimes contradictory, most Americans view the geranium flower as a symbol of happiness and positive emotions. These flowers are ideal for adding color and scent to window boxes, hanging baskets and container gardens. They are often presented  at special occasions such as promotions and retirements.

So perhaps more of these messages will come to light over the coming days. It could just be a chance to connect with the ladies on my Mum’s side. Her Mum and her Dads sisters. And what does this mean for me? Gardening. Gardening and nurture and fertility. My mum and I were talking yesterday about how green fingered I am. I love that. I feel it’s in my DNA, passed down from the women on my mother’s side. I have a sense of belonging. I can make things grow, I can make things happen. I will pay attention to the plants! 

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