Alohair Diary

Mahalo Hawaii!

“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanksgratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects.

Following the extraordinary week I have experienced, I’d like to start by giving thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in the events up on Mauna Kea. I feel the intense pain of the Hawaiian people. The pain for their land, their ancestors and deities. The pain of a people who have had others take over the islands and apply a non-spiritual way of life to the heart centre of the earth. Yet with pain, comes growth. The people have taken their sadness and turned it into love. The display of love and action of kapu aloha transforms the ultimate negative into the ultimate positive. anger into love, victim hood into power, conflict into peace. That’s beautiful and I am so grateful to witness their example.

I have a deep connection to Hawaii. I learned in past life regression that I have a twin flame with who I shared life as a polynesion. I still remember the land the knowledge and the old ways on an energetic level, but in the here and now I feel like I am still learning. For years, I was drawn to Hawaiian style and it deeply resonated with me. My guides always tugged at me to explore Hawaiian culture and as I work with them, more and more of the puzzle unravels. When I look at videos on line concerning Hawaii and the spiritual nature and practices of authentic Hawaiian life, I feel like I’m home. I must keep sight of the fact that in this life, I am English. A part of me resides with my twin flame in polynesia and sometimes I look in the mirror and feel surprised to see a light skinned lady looking back at me! This shows how part of my energy is somewhere else. I have to rain it in and give due attention to the part of me that is physical and very much meant to be here in the UK. 

On a personal note, I am grateful to both the TMT developers and the Kai’i (protectors). It has provided a beautiful opportunity for me to observe the Islands from afar. I have never been to Hawaii and I am always looking for videos to enlighten me. The Kai’i have been live streaming from the Mauna, providing me with deep insight into life there. For the first time in my life, I have access to watch mele, hula, talk story and all in the purest form. With out this conflict, the opportunity for me would not have been. I am grateful for the TMT developers to provide a conflict for Hawaiians to respond to because it has caused an uprising in the people. The attention to the protest has ignited the culture and brought the true Hawaiians together. I feel the mana from all the way over this side of the Atlantic. It’s beautiful. I’m grateful to Poli’ahu, who came to me in the mana card reading and has helped me to deepen my knowledge of Mauna Kea. I am going to write about Poli’ahu and the lessons she has given me in the next post. 

Stand strong Mauna Kea! Love and aloha to the Kai’i xxx

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