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Root vegetables

This dream is one I had quite a few years ago. I guess around the start of my awakening. Before you read on, you should know that the details of this one might make you cringe. It made me cringe at the time. However, dreams are abstract and the ones that unsettle us make us take notice. So it’s important to look past the strange imagery and see what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

The dream occurred at a time in my life where I was obsessed with the way I looked. At that time, I thought the way a woman looked on the outside deemed her worthy of other peoples respect and admiration. I spent hours waxing, tanning, dying, curling and making up.

In the dream, I was examining my leg hair. I looked closely at my shins and realised each hair was thick, white and tough. The base of each hair was wide and grew straight up about an inch high, tapering to a thin point. As I panned out to view more of the leg, rather than appearing like hairs, I knew I was looking at carrot shoots. I pulled at one of the shoots in the same way I would pull at a hair to pluck it out. The shoot came out but, attached to it was a long dry vein that unravelled from deep in my skin. I stuffed the vein back into the hole in my leg and tried to jam the carrot root back in as stopper. It was gross!

I have though back on that dream many times. Reflecting on it now, the symbolism is clear. I am (we all are) part of the natural world. I feel the carrot shoots growing from my leg were drawing attention to my body being natural. When I pulled at them and found them connected to my veins, my subconscious was telling me that the hairs on my legs are natural and connect to my inner self, nature is connected to my roots and goes deep into the substance deep inside me. Wisdom is within, nature is within.

Although I still take care of my body, I’m not motivated by ripping out leg hair as soon as it appears. In the past I was. I felt unattractive if I saw body hair as I associated it with masculinity. This is largely to do with the media and advertising that feeds nonsense to impressionable girls. I respect myself as part of natures order. Hair grows and is so much more sacred than I once new. Now a days, I still remove leg hair but, I do it in sync with the ‘winter’ phase of my menstrual cycle -the natural time to shed and let go. What a lovely dream, in all it’s gore. Sometimes our subconscious needs to show us an important concept and shock is a powerful way to get us to take notice!

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