Hawaiian wisdom

A Lightworker’s way through confrontation

“Ku’ia kahele aka na’au ha’aha’a”

-A humble person walks carefully so as not to hurt others.

Being an empath in an unfair confrontation is not easy. During confrontation, most people defend themselves and that is enough to keep their inner self safe. However, as an intuitive empath, you feel everyone else’s feelings as well as your own. So when you find yourself dragged into a confrontation, it’s far more complicated than simply expressing your own point of view. You feel the other person’s feelings too. Often, as empaths, we can’t hear our own feelings when the other person’s are louder. This makes it hard to give ourselves the care we deserve and we can end up more concerned about the other person (the one who is attacking us!) We suffer twice, once from the confrontation itself and again from feeling the pain of the person who is on the attack. 

Yesterday the weather was hot. I was on day 3 of my bleed and both my stomach and head ached. I really didn’t feel like cooking and thought a nice fresh salad would help me feel better. So I popped out to the supermarket, in a hurry before the five o’clock rush. 

I went to Aldi as it’s small and easy to get to. The car park is compact and I put my car in the first free space I came to. When I got out, I needed to cross over the car park to get to the path. I scanned the area around me and there were no cars in motion. There was a car pulled over at the side of the road and as I was about to step out, it pulled forward at a snail’s pace but stopped. It then pulled forward an inch more and stopped again. Making the judgement that the car was either dithering and not ready to pull away, or refraining so that I could cross first, I began crossing the road. 


As I got to the side of the road nearest the path, I sensed and heard the car speeding up and I quickened my pace. I had almost reached the path when the loud horn blasted out, so close that it deafend me for a moment. I was startled and made my way onto the path before turning round to look at the driver to see what in the world they were doing. There was a lady and a man in the car, both in their 50’s, I’d guess, and they both had a well presented appearance. -Nice clothes, tidy hair cuts and the lady had make up on. The lady, who was driving yelled ‘LOOK!’ at me and her expression was full of hatred. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She hadn’t pulled away when I set foot into the road, decided to begin once I was in the road, sped up to scare me and blasted her horn! Now she was yelling at me to look?!!! Who did she think she was?! Her demeanour was aggression personified. I imagine that being on my bleed time had something to do with my reaction because I felt a surge of adrenaline burst through into my bloodstream and flood my head with rage. ‘I DID LOOK!!’ I yelled back so loudly that people at the entrance to Aldi heard me and looked round, startled. In a dream like state, I made my way over to the car. Both of them replied ‘NO YOU DIDN’T’, ‘YOU DIDN’T’. I could feel the aggression pouring off of them. I lowered my tone from a shout to a loud voice, ‘When I was over there’, pointing to where my car was, ‘I looked and I thought you were going slowly to let me cross’ I bent down to be level with the open window and looked in. ‘We saw you and you didn’t even look.’ the lady said again and the look on her face was furious, her eyes bulged and her husband patted her on the knee and said ‘don’t get upset love’. Now, because I am an empath and a lightworker, my rage disappeared as I saw and felt her feelings. Even with adrenaline flooding my system and my muscles trembling, I automatically became more concerned with her feelings than my own. I checked around and the incident was holding up some traffic that had appeared. I took a deep breath to change my energy. I felt my rage lift off and my guides came close. I looked the lady in the eyes, placed my hand over my heart and I said ‘Look, I can see you’re upset and I didn’t mean to make you angry, but I thought you were slowing to let me go.’ I had my hand on the open car window and the man touched my hand and said, ‘It’s ok, we just didn’t want to run you over’. The lady still glared into my eyes and said, ‘Alright.’ She was still angry, didn’t seem to accept my point of view and was looking at me with hatred but I think she sensed there was nothing more to say. I said ‘Alright’, to close the issue and we all went our separate ways.

I went around Aldi, picking up my salad and stopped 3 times to quietly dry my tears. I was left shaken. What just happened? Why was the lady so furious with me? Why couldn’t she understand that I misunderstood her hesitant driving for kindness in letting me cross? My fiance told me, (later that evening) that it wouldn’t dawn on her that I thought she was letting me cross because she is probably too cruel to ever let people cross. He added, even if you hadn’t of been paying attention, there is no excuse for her aggressively yelling at you like that. That’s just uncivilised and cruel.’ His down to earth perspective is so refreshing for my soul. Back in Aldi, I thought I had it together but, when it came to my turn in the checkout, I burst into tears and could hardly speak. The poor lad serving didn’t know what to make of it. When I arrived home I sobbed. It’s taking a lot of sage, ho’oponopono  and cord cutting meditation to disconnect from the anger that lady felt. The anger was so powerful because it was all directed at me. She couldn’t see my point of view, she was out for blood and blame. 

I don’t know exactly how our wires got crossed, I don’t know why she didn’t see me look, I don’t know if she sped up intentionally, I don’t know why she wasn’t taking more care in a small and busy car park. I do know that it doesn’t matter. Lightworkers know that blame and anger is low vibration. It’s toxic. Reflecting on the issue I pondered, if I was driving and thought a person wasn’t looking before crossing, I would just let them cross before pulling away. If someone does something ‘wrong’, I assume there must be a reason. I don’t judge the person and become aggressive towards them. I think this is down to clear thinking. However, if person perceives the world to be a place that is unfair or unjust, would they see a situation like that very differently? They may use it a time to take all the anger and victim hood they have been holding on to and direct it to the person they perceive to be in the wrong. I feel I was the focal point of a ton of anger for that lady, most of which was residual from other issues in her life. It feels like an arrow deep in my chest. I think that’s because of the intensity and concentration that she directed at me. She hurt me very badly. My perspective is that hurt people hurt people. That’s what they do. I once saw a quote that said, ‘If you don’t heal your own wounds, you will bleed all over the people around you’. I think that’s true for that lady. Or maybe, she just had a stressful visit to Aldi herself, and was not in a fit frame of mind to be driving home. It doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to blame and I’m not going to hold on to the anger myself. My soul deserves more than that and so does hers. In the interest of clearing low vibration energy from the incident, I send her love and hope that she can heal whatever is troubling her. Bottling up her anger or dumping it on people when she feels wronged, feeds negative vibration, poor lady. I send her love and aloha. I ask Archangel Michael help cut away anything that no longer serves her and Raphael to give healing to the parts of her soul that need it xx Aloha car park lady xx

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