Hawaiian wisdom

Pillars of strength

Today I am thinking about pillars. Pillars in the community, pillars in structure, pillars as markers, guidance and pillars of hope. Many lightworkers feel the need to act as a pillar. They offer strength to those who need support or guidance. However, sometimes we aren’t feeling that strong ourselves and it seems a tall order to be the tall, solid foundation for others.

At present, I am acting as a pillar for other, offering readings and rahanni on a donation only basis. I feel called to do this to assist others and serve society. However, I have my own set of worries, insecurities and vulnerabilities. I am carefully balancing between serving others and looking after myself. It dawned on me that when people come to me for treatments, they say ‘I have been looking forward to this all week! I need it so much right now.’ In that moment, I become the pillar for them -even if I have been struggling with myself that day. I put my own issues aside and I am the pillar for them. Likewise, I am due to visit an EFT practitioner this week and I am the one looking forward, feeling like she will be the strength I seek for my difficulties. The point is, we are all the pillar. At different times and for different people, we are all the strength another needs. Weather as a parent, spouse, friend or professional. At other times, we all need another to lean on. It is a changeable dynamic and all lightworkers should know that it’s ok to be flawed, ok to seek healing for yourself and ok to be vulnerable. We aren’t like the physical pillar of a building, immovable and bearing the load for the entire structure. We are fluid beings and our roles move around and change. At times you are the strength and at times you require it. We must remember to take care of ourselves just as much as we take care of others.

Have you been the pillar for others recently? Look for another to help support you when you need it too. Aloha xx

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