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Hair is a record

I have been aware for a long time that our hair is our connector to the ether. As a spiritual person and a hairdresser, hair has played an important role in my life. As I look into the mirror while I do my own hair and grooming, I often ponder the connection that hair and spirit have.

Hair records our consciousness

According to hairdresser training, hair is dead. I find it interesting that hair is born in a living follicle, yet by the time it becomes pushed through the surface of the skin, it is considered dead. Hair is formed in a follicle in the scalp, which is living tissue. The keratin produced is compacted and pushed through the skin by more keratin forming underneath. Each section that forms is pushed out to the surface of the scalp by new hair forming behind it, all in once long and continuous stream (or hair strand).  This is essentially a continual birthing process. The soft keratin is born in a fleshy follicle and as it solidifies into hair matter, it is pushed forth into the world.

Hair coming from our heads is a symbolic record of all of our thoughts, ideas and consciousness. The head is where ideas begin and I believe the formation of each molecule of hair is the record of each spark of thought. This is not to say that people w ho are naturally bald don’t have thoughts, I will come to hair loss later. These records are birthed through from the inside, to the outer body. This represents how our inner world, becomes our outer world. What we think becomes manifest in the world outside of us.

I can write reams on the deeper insights of hair, I just needed to get this down ‘on paper’ while the mood struck on this quiet Sunday morning. I hope to write a more concise and better articulated piece another time, as well as elaborate on topics like hair loss, hair on other parts of the body, reason for greying hair and the problem with using too many chemicals on our precious ‘connectors to the universe’.

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