Alohair Diary

Symbolic lesson on winter solstice

Aloha! xx I haven’t written a post for a while. The reason being that spirit seemed to direct me towards personal tasks rather than passing messages to others. Sometimes we need to focus more on our selves in order to grow and understand more.

In the last fortnight, I felt a shift and a beautiful chain of events lead to connection with clients that I hadn’t seen for a while. Once again, I feel like I am a channel for messages to come through and some wisdom has come to help others.

Out of the blue I had an urge to get in touch with an old friend, who I haven’t seen for years. We met for coffee and it felt as though we have never been apart. We talked and laughed as we caught up and when it was time to go, she mentioned that she needed a hair cut. I happened to have some time free this week so we fixed up an appointment. She came over on Friday and it dawned on us that we had picked the winter solstice with out intending to. (A separate blog post is coming about solstice in Hawaiian culture).

At her appointment, my friend told me that she had a patch of hair missing behind her ear. It had broken off when she put some extensions in. She has been able to keep it secret as the top layer of her hair covers the broken area. Still, she has been self conscious about it and wanted to make sure her hair cut would still hide the problem. A trim and some layers left her feeling upbeat and happy with her hair once more and it was a pleasure for me to help her out.

Later that day, I though about the symbolic meaning behind the hair breakage. This is something I have written about before on this blog site. Hair represents aspects in the non physical and connects us to other realms. I opened up messenger to write to me friend and the following came tumbling out,

“I had a message for you this morning about how hair relates to your life. As I told you, hair is symbolic of our connection to the etheric realms. If you look at it symbolically, when you put extensions in, you are trying to extend your connection to spirit. I feel that we are only ready for as much as we have grown to understand ourselves. By adding additional hair, you pick up more than you are ready for from the ether. Also you are carrying around the weight and old energy from a number of different people. (hair extensions are a mixture of loads of different peoples hair that has been treated with chemicals). When you think of it like that, it’s no wonder your own hair can break with all that extra vibes glued on to it! You don’t need to carry all the extra ‘stuff’ as well as your own! I also feel it was the section behind your ear that broke to remind you to listen to your guides. You now have the chance to start a fresh, begin growing literally (new hair) and spiritually (listen to your guide). Hope that makes sense hunni xxx”

My friend is a bit of a hippie like me and the message made sense to her. In her appointment, we had been talking about spirit guides and how they let you know things, providing you listen.


Aloha xx

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