Hawaiian wisdom

Hilo (first night) -moon cycle wisdom.

In the Hawaiian calendar, the Hilo moon is the new moon and first day of the moon cycle. This moon appears a a faint streak of light. The logic to this moon marking the beginning of the cycle comes from a range of meaning within the word ‘Hilo’. There is an area on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii that is a crescent-shaped bay, along which the small town of Hilo is nestled. It’s thought that the town of Hilo was named after a famous Hawaiian navigator of the same name.
When you look up the meaning of the word, hilo in the Hawaiian dictionary, you find the definition, ‘To twist, braid, spin; twisted, braided’. There is a particular lei (the garlands of flowers presented in Hawaii) called the hilo lei. It is constructed by twisting and braiding together plant material to make a kind of rope or thread.
The new moon appears as a threadlike, faint streak of light. The curved shape of the streak indicates a twisted thread. This moon marks the first point to navigate all the moons that follow.
In terms of using the moon to manifest your desires, the first day of the moon cycle symbolises a fresh begging. It is a time to visualise the things that you would like to see come to life.

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