Beauty confidence

‘You got the cure for your disease, growing in your back yard’

Everything starts with intention. I have started this note with the intention of effecting change. As I sit here writing at my kitchen table, my intention is just an intention. By the time I have finished writing and shared this message online, this intention will have grown into an action. As you read, you will form your own thoughts and opinions. For some, the words will have resonance. Others may even change the way they set their intentions. Change in the minds of others, could well grown into a reality. At the time of writing this, all I have is an intention but, intention is where things begin.
One of my favourite bands as a young person, was the mad caddies. They were a rootsy ska punk group with nothing to prove. They kind of took the rebel out of punk and replaced it with a grounded sense of wisdom. The song ‘backyard’ is still a favourite for me. The title of this note is a line of verse taken from the song. ‘You got the cure for your disease growing in your back yard.’ The ‘disease’ isn’t a physical disease but a metaphor for a way of thinking. It means that if you have a victim mentality, you are keeping your mind unwell. If you think the world is the problem and you blame everyone around you for your hardships then look closer to home. The cure is, in fact, right there in your own back yard. You can decide to change your way of looking at the world and in doing so, you will cure your own disease.
This song spoke to me growing up, as I went through struggles with depression. It reminded me that although circumstances were outside of my control, I was in control of my reaction to the world around me. Of late, I’ve come to realise that not only do the answers to our problems live within us, but the seeds to grow better circumstances are there also. All that it takes to grow this inner garden, is intention.
As part of my career, I apply these concepts directly to hairdressing. A few years ago I started to recognise some women with issues surrounding self esteem. A result of feeling out of sync with mainstream concepts of beauty. I felt that women, myself included, had been let down by general media and by the beauty industry. I blamed the ‘industry’ for operating in an irresponsible and damaging way. I blamed the hairdressing NVQ designers and facilitators for training me to capitalise on women with insecurity. Blame, blame, blame. …then I went to my backyard. My disease was my mindset. I had the cure -change my reaction to the situation. I realised that I am part of the hairdressing industry and I can stop blaming and start correcting some of the damage. Now I work to be mindful of the problem areas in my industry and strive to provide a responsible alternative.
My new intentions are to further grow my responsible hairdressing practice and educate others. Educate about your own natural beauty and the pitfalls of concepts presented by the beauty industry. If these concepts resonate with you, I invite you to look at the things in your life that you feel wronged by. Then remember that all the answers are right there in your back yard. It just starts with an intention for change. xx

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