Hawaiian wisdom

Mahina ka pō (Moon Cycle) wisdom

Ancient Hawaiians were master voyagers, using the moon phases to understand the tide. They also used the changing moon to track farming and fishing, producing abundant crops. Along side the practical benefit of observing the moon cycle, they recognised a spiritual synergy. Each night is an new opportunity to look up and take guidance. With the moon cycle, you can track and navigate your own life. I will be explaining how as you read on…

The Hawaiian goddess of the moon

Hina is a Hawaiian goddess. She takes a few different forms and identities, each representing various feminine traits and aspects. However she is most often recognised as ‘Hina-i-ka-malama’ (Hina-in-the-moon). I identify strongly with feminine energy and have a pull towards working with the moon. Each phase represents an opportunity to reflect and take action, bringing ideas into reality and helping me to create my own life.
Whether you believe in gods and goddesses, or regard deities as legends and myth, the symbolism of Hina-i-ka-malama can help us with transformation, personal growth, clearing energy and restoration.

New moon

On the first day of the moon’s cycle, you can note transformation. The cycle has transformed from old to new. This represents new beginnings and opportunity for personal growth.

Waxing moon

The waxing moon phase is where light grows from darkness. This represents your personal growth. It’s a time for setting intentions for the things you would like to achieve.

Full moon

At full illumination, the moon shows you your achievements and realisations. It is a perfect time to clean and wash away that which no longer serves you, bask in the light and enjoy the harvest.

The waning moon

As the light of the moon grows smaller, you are reminded to let go. The waning phase of the moon represents a time for rest, relaxation recharge.


Just as Hina helped the ancients navigate, farm and fish, she can help you with your personal endeavours. As part of my hairdressing work, I have developed hair treatments for specific parts of the moon cycle. These treatments support intentions for both personal growth and hair growth simultaneously. So I would like to give personal thanks to Hina for working with us as we learn to grow. -Thank you Hina. xx

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