Hawaiian wisdom

Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala

‘Making right more right, the path.’

Among my spiritual friends, lots of them have heard of ‘Ho’opono pono’. To them, it’s a term that describes forgiveness and self love. It is a useful technique and involves using the phrase, ‘I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you’. This prayer, said to the self, releases negative feelings that the person may be holding onto and embraces the soul with love. It is a great adaptation of a Hawaiian concept for western thinking. Everyone I speak to that uses the technique reports energy shifts and restored well being.

‘Ho’o’      to make something happen

‘pono’      right or rightness

In Hawaiian language, a word repeated puts emphasis on the importance of that word. Therefore, ‘ho’opono pono’  means to make right more right. I learned from Aloha spirit auntie, Auntie Mahealani, that the Aloha spirit recognises that everything is as it’s meant to be at the present moment. -The divinity makes no mistakes. She teaches ho’opono pono ke ala, ‘making right more right, the path’. I just love the idea that everything is well right now, yet going in the direction of making things even more right expands the rightness, the pono. As I am writing, I feel the Aloha spirit with me and I wish for you, dear reader, to feel it too. Know that everything in this moment is just as it’s meant to be, while you pursue even more rightness moving forward.

Aloha blessings xx

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