Beauty confidence

Beautiful imperfection

Last week, I developed quite a few spots on my face. I woke up this morning to lots of scabs and the realisation that I have been subconsciously picking at my spots. While in a daydream, I caught my hand going up to my face and touching all of the little scabs. Now I think about it, I was doing the same thing yesterday while watching TV.

I used to pick at my spots when I was teenage, even though I knew that they would take longer to heal. My mum once said to me that it was as though I was addicted to it and couldn’t help myself. I didn’t understand at the time but now I clearly see the root of that addiction.

Logically, I know that picking at a scab will delay healing, yet subconsciously, I’m scratching away at my perceived imperfections. While I was binge watching Netflix yesterday, the heroes in the program where fit, very good looking and had perfect skin. You might say they portrayed perfection. Deep inside me somewhere, I compared myself to that perfect modal and began picking away at my own imperfections.

The body and inner self are connected. I believe that our bodies mirror other aspects of ourselves. So I asked the question, ‘what does a spot represent to me?’ -an imperfection. ‘Why am I subconsciously picking at my imperfections?’ -because I have a need to be perfect. -There was my ‘Ah!’ moment.

My ‘ah’ moment helped me realise that I need to accept imperfection as part of me. It’s there, and it’s ok. When we see people on TV and in the media, it doesn’t represent reality. For some of us, our subconscious minds have a hard time separating the two. It is important to realise that we don’t need to obsess over our imperfections. Like spots, imperfection will come and go as part of the natural cycle of life. By accepting imperfection as a part of you, you become comfortable in your own skin.

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