Beauty confidence

Have a nose at this.

Throughout my young life in England, I was exposed to particular images of ‘beauty’. When I say exposed to, I actually mean continually bombarded with. Advertising is a powerful, intelligent force that can plant messages in the subconscious mind of impressionable youths. Unaware of how advertising worked, I was under it’s spell.

On a subconscious level, I believed that attractive women had perfect skin, blonde hair, symmetrical faces, large breasts and golden tans. In order to assure myself that I was beautiful, I did aspire to that modal for quite some time. On a typical Saturday in my 20’s, I spent from 11am-8pm getting ready to go out to the pub. Wax, 1 hour. Bath and exfoliate, 1 hour. Facial 30 mins. Tan, 30 mins. Hair, 3 hours. Make up 1 hour. Nails 2 hours. Looking back, that seems insane to me but, at the time getting ready felt like an act of self care. I felt that I was preparing myself for the world. I knew that when I stepped out into the pub that night, I would shine and all the people would know my worth. I felt confident, worthwhile and attractive…and all it took was 9 hours work.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I feel sad that the young me had such a distorted view of her worth. I had it backwards. -I was already worth while. I was already beautiful. I was already everything that I aspired to be, I just didn’t know it. My TV had educated me about the media’s idea of beauty and distracted me from discovering my own.

Now that I am more in touch with my spirituality, I see beauty in nature. For example, I see beauty when I look at a person with a large bridge of the nose and wide nostrils. Beautiful because of how easily the ‘Aloha’ (breath of life) can enter the body. I see a strong nose as a manifestation of the attention paid to the breath, over many generations and past down through lineage. I see a nose that has evolved that way from a continued decision to draw in more mana.

All noses are beautiful in their own unique way for various reasons. Yet, the top result of a google search on ‘attractive noses’ is an article with instructions for achieving a more attractive nose. There is a picture of a small and dainty nose as an example. The article shows how the mainstream takes us so far from the path of recognising real beauty when we see it. Food for thought.

Aloha xx



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