Alohair Diary

Spirit at work -part 2

On the day of the colour, Rosie sat in my chair and we talked about how I wanted to do the colour. As the contest was for creative colour, I wanted to use creative techniques. To fit my own brief, the beauty of nature, I felt that I wanted to use colour tones found in nature. Rosie’s natural hair was a beautiful, natural dark shade. I wanted to preserve some of this natural base with complementary contrasting tones. To achieve this I applied Natulique lightener, followed by a toner,  to the underneath section. I left the top section in the shape of a heart for both symbolic and aesthetic reasons.

As I worked, Rosie and I caught up. There was a flow between us and as we chatted, the topics we spoke about opened up. We are very open with each other on a regular day. On this day some very deep and unresolved personal feelings came up for Rosie. While I offered her a tissue, she said that she was surprised that she still had emotions about something that happened in the past.

My chair is magical like that and people often open up about things that they have long ignored. I feel my spirit guides around us when I am working in the salon and in part, I think they brought Rosie and I together that day for purpose. While I don’t know if Rosie found meaning in the feelings, I do know that it was important that she acknowledged them. For a mum in the busy modern age, the hairdressing chair might be the only place to fully focus on the self. What my guides knew, is that she needed an opportunity to let those feelings surface as a way of release.








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