Alohair Diary

Spirit at work -part 1.

Aloha xx

At the start on January, I received an email about the Natulique colour competition. Hair stylists can enter photos of their creative colour work. I only use their colour products and thought entering would be fun.

I wanted to make my entry reflect my ideas about holistic hairdressing. I wanted to produce a piece of work that used the low-tox, organic products, that gave a natural looking result and had a theme of beautiful nature. I sat down and wrote out a brief,

Model required for colour and styling work.

Applicants must be happy to have their hair coloured, styled and cut to suit the brief.

Theme: Beautiful Nature

Objective: To produce hair style images, depicting the beauty of nature.

I make it my responsibility to remind customers that people are a part of nature. I believe that there is a synergy between living creatures and the earth. The final images will depict the concept that beauty starts within. Like a flower, when you nurture and care for it, it grows and blooms into something beautiful. You don’t dress the flower from the outside to make it more beautiful. It’s the same with women. If you nurture a woman from the inside first, she will blossom into something very beautiful. 

I put the word out on facebook that I was searching for a model. I had some responses from people that liked the idea of a free make over, claiming they could do with a confidence boost.  However, my intuition told me that none of the applicants quite got the spirit of the piece. One day, when I was meditating, it occurred to me to ask my friend Rosie if she would model. At the time, I thought my spirit guides were giving me that idea for the benefit of my project. It wasn’t until it came to the day of the appointment, that it became clear. This meeting was as much for Rosie’s benefit as mine!

I will continue the story in part 2.

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