Dreams. The restaurant.

I was on holiday with my family and my mum and I went in to a restaurant to join my Dad, Aunt and Uncle who were already seated. When we sat down, we saw that they had already eaten their main courses. Mum was unhappy and told my Dad it was rude of him to order and eat without me. He said he didn’t see why I couldn’t get my own, now that I’m old enough. She said he had to give me money for my dinner and that I wanted a lobster.


At first this dream looks like feelings I have about my parents. It’s not. My subconscious is using people from my life to tell me something about myself. My mum represents my feminine, right brain, creative side. My Dad represents my masculine, practical, left brain side. In the dream, the characters are aspects of me.


The meal represents spiritual nourishment and how my feminine side wants to be provided for, while my masculine side wants to be self sufficient.


In my dream, my feminine side was late to dinner, where my masculine side had already eaten (with other, more quiet aspects of myself). My feminine feels disconnected from my masculine and the two are obtaining their needs separately. In my dream, my dad’s meal was nondescript. My mum and I only saw the empty plate, symbolising that I don’t know what my masculine aspect needs, but it is fulfilled. Not only that, but my divine masculine nourishes himself quickly and efficiently, without drawing attention. My feminine aspect requires more attention. In the dream, my Mum told my Dad that I was hungry. She also said, I wanted lobster, something for expensive taste. My divine feminine has an appetite for wisdom. Wisdom of the highest refinement. Lobster is not only a dish for expensive taste,  it is a meal that takes time, work and patients to eat. Once you have cracked the shell and got your hands dirty, you get to the substance inside. My feminine craves the whole experience of obtaining it’s needs. 

This dream showed me two different aspects of myself and helped me to examine how they work in different ways.

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