Dreams. The inner child and adult self.

I was at Disney World with Justin Scarred (a youtuber that I watch sometimes). I was following him around, trying to bond with him. I was making conversation and I had a feeling that we had so much in common. He was polite, but guarded and didn’t want to talk or bond with me. As we walked around I suggested going on rides. I felt like an eager child, ‘Can we go on Pirates together?’ He said he just he was just there to take pictures for his work. He had no interest in my excitement to be there with him and I sensed that he didn’t want to bond with me at all. Still, he didn’t ask me to leave. I felt he didn’t want to connect but, he needed me to be there. After some more walking around, the playful energy of the park took over and we both became relaxed. There was a shared feeling of joy between us. I noticed that we were holding hands and as I noticed, I saw him become uncomfortable. I know he is devoted to his girlfriend so reassured him, ‘we are just friends, this means nothing romantic. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, we don’t need to hold hands.’ He thanked me and let go as he started to look me in the eyes for the first time. The barrier began to drop, and I felt our souls saw each other with no filter.

The location in the dream symbolises an environment for my inner child. Justin Scarred represents the adult part of myself (male energy) that ignores my inner child (female energy) and doesn’t indulge her. After being in the right environment for a while, the adult self (who still has things in common with the child) relaxes. The hand holding symbolises a mutual desire for connection. My inner child recognises that the adult has an adult partner to whom the adult is devoted. (I think the adult partener is adulthood) and feels guilty when showing connection to the inner child. Both aspects of self establish that their relationship to each other is unique and the inner child respects the adult self has a devotion to adulthood. The two acknowledge their connection to each other and the inner child reassures the adult self that it respects its new devotion (adulthood). Both aspects of self have acknowledged each other and that they both exist, and shared a moment existing together. The adult self now see’s the inner child and forms a bond with her, knowing they have things in common and that the connection is no threat to adulthood. A relationship is possible and the two can co exist in the right environment.

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