Out of all the people I speak to, I’ve learned that when I settle down to sleep at night, I have the most vivid dreams. I have detailed, colourful and interesting dreams. I have had recurring dreams, psychic dreams and predictions on occasion. However, my usual nightly dreams were always just vivid, entertaining stories …or so I thought.


At Christmas, my cousin bought me a diary. She knows I prefer a day to a page to make room for my hairdressing appointments and all the details that go along with the bookings. It is a beautiful, shimmering silver diary, each page around A5 size. It was lovely but, I had already bought myself a diary for work and wasn’t sure how I could make use of another.


As I woke up on new years day and the bedroom came into focus, I remembered the dream that I had been having. This was not unusual. I have spent most mornings of my life waking up with traces of a dream still in my head and then reliving it in more detail as I start my breakfast. Dreams often evoke strong feelings in me and it takes time for me to separate reality from my nighttime subconscious. I went down to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee and ponder my feelings. As I reached into the cupboard for my coffee mug, sunlight crept in through the curtain and a shimmer from the kitchen table caught my sleepy eye. It was my beautiful silver diary.


I decided to use the diary to start writing down my dreams. At first, it was just to record the entertaining stories. However, as I started writing, my conscious brain started to put my subconscious thoughts into context. I have come to realise that in my dreams, everything is a mirror. All the people, the settings, the actions and relationships, represent or relate to aspects of myself. With each dream, I reveal things about myself that I have somehow always known, yet it feels like discovery.


Exploring my subconscious is a new way to have a relationship with myself and more rewarding than I ever imagined. For the first time, I have realised that dreams aren’t just stories that come to me while I sleep. I create them, they reflect me and there is nothing in my subconscious to fear. Subconscious and conscious are not separate identities like jekyll and hyde, they are two aspects of the same being. My beautiful soul reveals itself to me every night. All I had to do was acknowledge it from my conscious mind, to form a relationship between the two aspects of myself. I will be documenting a selection of my dreams and interpretations in my blog as examples.

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