Alohair Diary

First huna hairwash

I performed my 1st ever holistic hair cut on a friend. She had booked in for a regular wash and cut but, I intuitively knew that she would be interested in a holistic treatment. She is my most enlightened friend and someone who practices spiritually. I planned on talking to her about the concept of combining hairdressing with huna when she came for the haircut, but as events unfolded it seemed right to just do the treatment.
 She arrived at my salon stressed, ”fried” from driving her son to a friends (3 hour round trip) and generally worn out. She was a little early so I asked her to sit and wait while I hoovered the salon. I lit the rose quartz and put on some spa music for her in the meditation room while I got ready. She was happy to sit and chill. I think she meditated. 
(side note, she brought me flowers as a gift -pastel coloured Gladioli. On reflexion, I think she used her intuition to pick such a fitting gift before she even knew what was going to happen.)
I began to use my intuition as I usually do with Nicola and felt she needed some calm and to renew. I hadn’t consciously planned to debut the holistic hair treatment on her but, I new on some level that I would use my intuition to do the treatment and that it was what was needed. It flowed from there. I read her energy and Nicola told me she was a little hung over (unusual for her). I showed her into the salon and fetched some uplifting oils, lemon and orange and added them to my oil warmer to help her symptoms. 
I used a calm manner to discuss her hair cut requirements and played zen music through my salon speakers. I told her we could have a relaxing session and I would like to do a holistic hair cut. She said that sounded great. I explained I would like to do the hair was quietly, without talking and do some energy work with her permission. She said that sounded great. I explained I would be doing a hawaiian healing technique called huna, that it was new and that I was hoping to do it with more clients. She was happy to go ahead.
I got the water to the right temperature and asked her to come and sit at the sink. Before she laid back, I assured her that there was no need to chat while she had her hair washed. I also said that if she felt uncomfortable for any reason and wanted to stop or let me know something, she should feel free to say. Otherwise  just to relax and enjoy.
I wet her hair with warm water, using slow, gentle technique to saturate. I applied an olaplex pre treatment to the damp hair with slow massage movements, stroking, effleurage, gentle and firm pressure. I stroked the product through in sections. As I carried out the hair wash, I began the visualization techniques and breathing that I use in my huna practice.  I breath in for the count of 4 and breath out for the count of 4 with focus on my crown on the in, and navel on the out. I imagined drawing energy up through my feet as I massaged the hair, breathed and invoked aloha spirit. I was focused on healing/cleaning myself and therefore Nicola with the same focus as I used the water. I do the same in the shower by myself and used the ho’oponopono stage technique to clean energy’s.  I continued to wash her hair with organic shampoo, conditioner and slow, gentle massage. I drew energy up and used it to clean both of us and the energy felt like it worked with the timings and progression of the hair wash. When there was time to rinse away shampoo or conditioner, I used my breath and asked the water to wash away anything that Nicola no longer needed.
There were a few moments in the hair wash where my mind wandered to the traffic sounds, the children playing outside or my boyfriend coming home. Each time I was distracted, I brought my attention back to Nicola, and used the mantra, I love you, Im sorry, please forgive me, thank you to instantly refocus. 
I felt a shift in Nicolas energy when I did the final breath and asked the water to wash away any last part of negativity. I also hear her let her breath go and I sensed she was letting it go to. I pictured the pink mist around her and I, cleaning our energy. I quietly turned off the water and gently draped a towel over her hair and layed on my hands to soak up the water. When I wanted her to sit up, I used a soft tone to say, ‘it’s done now, if you would like to sit up slowly when you are ready.’ She sat getally with a renewed calmness. It was lovely.
I sensed that Nicola wanted to continue the calm so I reassured her that it was fine to carry on being quiet while I cut her hair. She did just that and I carried out her cut with a soft approach. As she was still in what I felt to be a meditative state, I called my guide AAM to come and cut any negative etheric cords and surround her with protection. This felt beautiful as it was the first time I have called on him to assist while face to face with a person. I have called on him on my own but not in the same space as another. 
At the end of the cut, Nicola told me that she felt the treatment was so lush but, she didnt want to go into detail about it. She asked if she could just skip off feeling renewed and said she would write to me about it to let me know her experience. I could see her energy had changed since she arrived. I had actually been part of the change along with her so felt the renewal process for myself. It felt second nature, yet writing it down now is the first time I have realised, that was my first holistic hair treatment and my first bit of energy work with someone else. It was wonderful and amazing.

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