Alohair Diary

Aloha. My name is Carrie.

Aloha. My name is Carrie.

Hairdressing has been my profession all of my adult life. I was drawn to this job as I had a interest in the trade from a young age. As a child, I had a hairdresser who came to our home. She was respectful, cheerful and kind. I watched the way she and my mum interacted and could sense a lovely vibe in the room. When she left, my mum and I felt uplifted and renewed.

Looking back on that, I have a clear perception of something very beautiful going on during hair cuts. While my mum enjoyed the relaxation of having someone else do her hair, the hairdresser felt a sense of purpose.

I think those early observations drew me to hairdressing. While I like the artistic opportunity of designing hairstyles, I love the opportunity to nurture well-being. That’s what Alohair is about. I’ve carved out a unique job for myself, offering hairdressing services served with Aloha. I’m also a rahanni practitioner and lightworker. My blog is like a diary that details some of the fascinating ways that spirit bring clients to me. I also like to write about healthy beauty confidence, dream guidance and Hawaiian wisdom.

Aloha xx

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